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   Students prefer StuDan

One of the major population groups of public transport are the students. Because of the special situation the students live in, it is only natural that they need good and reliable portability and not less important cheap fares, because naturally the students do not have a high income and a significant portion of them are even supported by other sources. Another good reason for marketing this public process is the parking problem near the campuses which causes more and more students to search other transport solutions. In the past, efforts were made and planned to get the students into public transport. Now, with the growing difficulties in moving and parking it’s very important to remember that in addition to current benefit of “Dan" services by the students usage, we are talking about young people, which if we succeed, and we can create their traveling habits, we have earned good costumers for many years. From here, actually opens a cycle trend: as many young people prefer us, along with our increasing travels, fewer and fewer vehicles will use the road, which then necessarily means reliable transportation without traffic jams ... and greatly more convenience for us the "Dan" bus drivers.

This is where the marketing division decided to step up efforts and to initiate innovative programs for students so that more and more of them use "Dan" transport services. Close cooperation between us and the student organizations, university administrations and the Ministry of Transportation, we initiated the next step: a student subscription card "StuDan".


Special and attractive subscription cards were produced for students. The membership subscription card is for one semester or yearly, between the two options, students can choose to use the regional profile "red" or spatial profile “white". Tickets are distributed in several outlets including: Tel Aviv University, Bar-Ilan University, "Dan" New Central Bus Station, Levinsky College, Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academy and at the beginning of the academic year.


In "Dan" There is no doubt that such a move, bears fruit throughout the years and will bring the company good and advanced image progress among the young people, which probably many of them will place important roles in Israeli society. The entire process could not be carried out without the important aid, spirit and enthusiasm for a good many of the Ministry of Transport and "Dan" company, beginning with the Minister of Transport and the Ministry staff, down to the last devoted worker of ”Dan”.

Are thanks for everything, good work!


                           Sincerely, Ronnie Oron 
                     Head of Marketing.