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Environmental performance

Facts and numbers

Buses produce substantially fewer emissions per passenger compared to travel in private vehicles.

More passengers on the bus means less private vehicles on the road and less congestion on the roads. The environmental meaning is the reduction of air pollution and noise, and contribution to a healthier and more pleasant environment, especially in the urban environment. In addition, reducing road congestion allows buses to work under better conditions (for example, a higher average speed), causing a direct reduction in pollutant emissions and travel times.

Beyond this environmental advantage, we're constantly working to improve our environmental performance, while upgrading the bus fleet, improving fuel quality, recycling water in garages and other means.


Below A graphical depiction of particle emission process in 2001-2017 and reducing air pollution data for 2014-2016 as submitted to the Ministry of Environmental Protection:

תיאור גרפי של תהליך פליטת החלקיקים בשנים 2001-2017

 סעיף 12.א.2.א-הReducing air pollution data for the years 2014 to 2016