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Lost and Found

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Dan is committed to its customers passengers  to take care of things that have been lost or forgotten on a bus or any other facility that belongs to the company.The Lost and found department is in charge of losses collecting, storing, registering and giving them back to their owners as required in accordance with the requirements and powers of the law . 

I lost something, what should I do?  

Call "Dan" 's customer service center at 03-6394444 or * 3456 , deliver as many details as possible.If the loss was found, we'll coordinate with you the date and place for collecting loss.If the loss was not found, our representative will register your application and contact with you when it is found.


Lost delivering to the owner:

Lost delivering to the owner:The loss will be returned to its owner after identifying and proving that you are indeed the owner.The loss will be returned only after signing and giving various details such as full name, ID number, Complete address and a telephone.

Lost which was not required during a period of 4 months:

If there was no demand for the loss, the loss shall be made available to those who found it. If the finder of the loss did not contact our lost and found department within four months from the date of referral to it in writing, it shall be given in the presence of our representative as a contribution to a needed company operating formality such as WIZO, Akim, "Yad Sarah" etc. and \ or the Israeli police.

Lost weapon, the department will evacuate the police or military police so it will be immediately transferred to the aforementioned.

Losts look like suspicious cases

closed bags,and other suspicious objects- a police sapper available to appropriate care. These things are under the responsibility of the Israeli police and not transferred to "Dan".


Lost and Found department phones
Address: New Central Bus Station, 7th Floor (near the terminal  line 60)
Phone:   03-6394444 or *3456
Working hours Sun-Thu:07:30-15:00, Sat-closed