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דן – תחבורה ציבורית , אוטובוסים, קווים, מודיעין Routes
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Information for passengers

Continuous construction works on street Minz, Petah Tikva


Announcement to those traveling by route #50.

Continuous  construction works on street

Minz, in Petah Tikva.

Since The Sunday 04.02.2018 and until Friday, 09.02.2018, Minz st. in Petah Tikva will be closed for traffic on the segment Asaf Simhony\ Shprintsak in connections with continuous construction works. Therefore, the following changes in the routes will take place :

Bus #50:

In the direction to Beit Rivka:

Proceed by their regular routes until the junction of streets: Minz and Asaf Simhoni, then continue along the streets: Asaf Simhoni, Shprincak, and up to the final station of route# 82.

Canceled bus stations:

Country Club \ Minz.

In the direction to Tel Aviv- no changes.

Kind way

It is possible that some additional changes will be necessary, which we will not be able to announce in advance.