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Opening of a new bus route #15, in Givataim.

As part of improving passenger services, a new bus route # 15 will be launched in Givataim.

Since The Sunday, 04.03.2018, a new domestic bus route # 15 from Ben-Gurion junction Sirkin up to Korazin will begin to operate in Givataim.

More Information

Bus #15:

In a direction from Ben-Gurion junction Sirkin up to Korazin

Bus stations:

Ben-Gurion (Sirkin)

Poalei Ha-Rakevet (Sirkin)

Ben-Gurion (Ha-Maagal)

Kazenelson (Ben-Gurion, Kikar Noah, Waizman)

Gordon 20 (Waizman)

Goldstein 7 (Ha-Shnaim)

Borohov 25 (KKL)

Ahdut Ha-Avoda 18 Ha-Poel Ha-Zair

Kazenelson (KKL, Waizman)

Shenkin 2 (municipality)

Knesset 6 (Gordon School)

Ha-Meri 52 (Gan Mitzpor Ha-Shalom)

Golomb (Bereshit, Knesset)

Ben Zvi 3 (Givatayim mall)

Dereh Rabin (Eilat)

Dereh Ha-Shalom (Rabin)

Evron 4 (Rambam pool)

Rambam (Eilat)

Waizman (Rambam, Reines)

Hamaavak (Menorah)

Ha-Histadrut (23)

Mishmar Ha-Yarden

Ha-Rav Herzog 38, Tabenkin


 In the direction from Korazin to Ben-Gurion junction Sirkin: 

Bus stations:


Mishmar Ha-Yarden 5

Ha-Histadrut (23)

Hamaavak (Menorah)

Evron 4 (Rambam pool)

Rambam (Eilat)

Waizman (Rambam)

Ben Zvi 2 (Givatayim mall)

Reines (Knesset)

Ha-Meri (Observatory, Gan Mitzpor HaShalom)

Knesset 1 (Gordon School)

Shenkin (municipality)

Gordon (Ha-Meoorer)

KKL (Gordon)

Borohov (Ha-Meoorer)

Gordon 26 (Yad Lebanim)

Kazenelson (Sirkin, Ben-Gurion)

Ben-Gurion (Katznelson, Sirkin)

It is possible that some additional changes will be necessary, which we will not be able to announce in advance.

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