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Changes on the route in the connection with the continuers construction works on  Raziel st. Ramat- Gan.


Announcement to those travelling by routes # 34.

Changes on the route in the connection with the continuers construction works on  Raziel st. Ramat- Gan.

Starting The Tuesday, 26.06.2018 from 05:00 and until the special information about finish the work, continuers construction works will be conducted at the street Raziel, and the traffic will be closed in the direction from north to south on the segment Aluf Szde / Borenstein in  Ramat Gan. Therefore, the following changes in the routes will take place :


Bus # 34(circularly):

In direction to The Central bus station:

Proceeds by its regular route until the junction of streets: Rabin and Aluf Sade,  then continue along the streets: Aluf Sade,  Oded, then return to its usual route.


Canceled bus stations:

  Aluf David 41, 71,

New bus stations:

  Aluf Sade / Rabin.

  Aluf Sade / Kurazin.


Kind way

It is possible that some additional changes will be necessary, which we will not be able to announce in advance.