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Changes in the bus route # 54, transport to the business center on Yigal Alon and in Atidim.


Announcement to those traveling by routes # 54:

Changes in the bus route #54, transport trip to the business center on Yigal Alon and in Atidim.

In order to improve passenger service, starting from Friday, 04.01.2019, the following changes will be made on the bus route #54. The route will proceed from Carmelite to Atidim, the finale stop at Tel Aviv Central Bus Station will be canceled. Therefore, the following changes in the route will take place:

The route will connect northern Jaffa (Clock Square, the old districts of Jaffa) and the Florentin district (Shlomo str., Ha-Aliya str.) with the Ha-Hagana railway station and the business center at Igal Alon.

The route will also connect the Nahalat Izhak district, the Givatayim center (Kazenelson) and the Ramat Ghan center (Kofer Ha-Yeshuv) with the Igal Alon business center and the BSR Towers, the Ayalon mall, Ramat Ha-Haial and Atidim.

The frequency of route on peak hours will be 15 minutes.

Work"s hours: 5:30-23:00 from Atidim and 5:40-23:00 from Carmelite.

For more information link to the map:

 The new route from Carmelite to Atidim:

In the direction from Carmelite: 

> Departure from Carmelite, then continue by the streets: Ha-Carmel, Yosef Levi, Koifman, Goldman, Marzouk and Ezer, Shlomo, Ha-Aliya, Levinsky, Ha-Haganf, Igal Alon, Nahalat Yitzchak, Aliyat Ha-Noar, Kazenelson, Sirkin, Krinitzi, Herzel, Ben Gurion, Sheshet Ha-Yamim, Mivtza Kadesh, Wallenberg, Dvora Ha-Neviya, Atidim terminal - the final stop. .

The bus stations:

Terminal Carmelite

Koifman (Charles Klor Park, Shenkar)

Goldman (Beit Etzel)

Marzouk and Ezer (Square of Clock)

Shlomo (Eliphelet, Abulafia)

Ha-Aliya, (Frenkel)

Levinsky (Ha-Aliya, Ar-Zion, Central Bus Station Tel Aviv)

Ha-Hagana (Ha-Hagana, Ha-Maapilim, Etzel)

Yigal Allon (Hagana, Shderot Ha-Hail, La Guardia, Sport Centr, Izhak Sade, Assuta, Dereh Ha-Shalom)

Nachalat Itzhak (Tel Aviv Towers)

Katznelson (Aliyat Ha-Noar, KKL, Gan Ha-Zikaron)

Sirkin (Noah Square)

Krinitzi (Bialik - Kofer Ha-Yeshuv, Herzel)

Ben Gurion (Ha-Hetz, Shlishut, Megadim, Jabotinsky, Concord Towers)

Sheshet Ha-Yamim (Ayalon mall)

Mivza Kadesh (Bnei Brak railway station)

Wallenberg (Ha-Barzel, Yarkon County Police Station, Ha-Nehoshet, Ha-Arad, Dvora Ha-Nevia)


From Atidim:

Departure from Dvora Ha-Nevia, then continue along the streets: Wallenberg, Mivza Kadesh, Sheshet Ha-Yamim, Ben-Gurion, Hoftman, Krinizi, Sirkin, Kazenelson, Emek Ha-Bracha, Igal Alon, Ha-Hagana, Levinsky, Ha-Aliya, Shlomo, Shderot Jerusalem, Koifman, Hanania, Ha-Kovshim, Terminal Carmelite. . .

The bus stations:


Wallenberg (Ha-Nehoshet, Ha-Arad, Yarkon County Police Station, Ha-Barzel),

Mivza Kadesh (Bnei Brak railway station),

Sheshet Ha-Yamim (Ayalon mall),


Ben-Gurion (Sheshet Ha-Yamim, The Modiin Celebration Hall, Jabotinsky, Shlishut, Ha-Roe)

Krinizi, (Herzel)

Sirkin (Bialik)

Kazenelson (Sirkin, Waizman, KKL, Aliyat Ha-Noar)

Emek Ha-Bracha

Yigal Alon (Emek Ha-Brakha, Dereh Ha-Shalom, Kremenetsky before Izhak Sade, after Izhak Sade, Sport Center, La Guardia, Ha-Hagana)

Ha-Hagana (Ha-Maapilim, Ha-Hagana train station)

Levinsky (Central bus station Tel Aviv, after Ar-Zion)

Ha-Aliya (Matalon, Florentin)

Shlomo (Ben Atar, Kibbutz Galuyot)

Koifman (Eilat, Goldman, Textile Center)


Canceled bus stations:

(the bus stations on circular route):

Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, Ar-Zion 29, Nahalat Izhak 38, Rambam 2, 28, Waizman 39, 23, Igal Alon 31.

the Kind way!


It is possible that some additional changes will be necessary, which we will not be able to announce in advance.