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Masof (terminal) Kanyon (mall) Ayalon ( Ramat Gan)
Hadar Ganim (Petach Tikva)

Track summary:

Ramat Gan mall, Dereh Ben Gurion, More Institute, Rabbi Akiva, Hazon Ish, Ezra, Bnei Brak mall, Kahaneman, Geha junction, Beilinson Hospital, Schneider Hospital, Degel Reuven, Wolfson, Ganim junction, Sirkin junction, Hadar Ganim


The schedules for day 19/12/2018 and days as this day

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From Masof (terminal) Kanyon (mall) Ayalon from the time to the time
Work day 05:25 24:00
Friday 05:55 14:30
Shabbat 18:25 24:20
From Hadar Ganim from the time to the time
Work day 05:10 23:30
Friday 05:30 14:30
Shabbat 18:30 24:00

* Attention!

Please note, these are scheduled times only. There may be last minute alterations.

להלן פירוט שעות יציאה לחלופות במסלול דומה למסלול הבסיס בקו, הקש על כותרת החלופה לפירוט היציאות.

From Masof (terminal) Kanyon (mall) Ayalon (Ramat Gan)