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Atidim ( Tel Aviv Yafo)
Kiryat Sharet (Holon)

Track summary:

Atidim, Wallenberg, Assuta Hospital, Shitrit, Rokah blvd., Ganei Ha-Taaruha (The Exhibition Gardens), “University” railway station, Iben Gabirol, Milan square, The Tel Aviv Municipality, City Garden, Rabin square, Ha-Kiria base, Karlebah, Cinematek, Beit Ma'ariv junction, The Old Central Bus Station Tel Aviv, The New Central Bus Station Tel Aviv, Dereh Ben-Zvi, Holon junction, Kugel blvd., Sokolov, Jerusalem blvd., Holon industrial zone, Kiryat Sharet.

The schedules for day 22/03/2019 and days as this day

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From Atidim from the time to the time
Work day old 05:30 24:00
Friday 05:50 15:45
Shabbat 19:00 24:00
From Kiryat Sharet from the time to the time
Work day old 05:05 23:45
Friday 05:20 15:30
Shabbat 19:00 23:30

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Please note, these are scheduled times only. There may be last minute alterations.