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Monday 2/02/2015

The new bus station in Or Yehuda on the route - 18 "B".

The new bus station for the exit of passengers on the street Dvora Ha-Naviya 78, in Tel Avive- 22.

The bus station on the street Shoken 25 in Tel Aviv-119.

The new bus route # 106 (circular ) - from Wolfson.

Night construction works in Raines st., Givataim-23, 52

Construction works on the Rokah st, Ramat Gan.

Buses # 3 “B”, 11 “B” - return to its previous regular route through the street Ha-Yarkon, Bnei Berak.

Continues construction works on the Rokah st, Ramat Gan.

Additional new bus routes to route # 17 through Shapiro district, Tel Aviv.

Bus number 31 - change the route in both directions, Tel Aviv.

Closing traffic through public transport lane in Petah – Tikva.

Add a new bus station on the Derech Namir 53 in Tel Aviv - № 45.

The new bus route # 389.

Canceled an additional route in the Amidar district, Bat Yam 37.

The new additional route through the Hadar Yosef district - Tel - Aviv -№ 40.

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