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Thursday 31/07/2014

Change the bus station places on the route#42.

Change the bus station place on the routes #50, 51, 140, 141,350.

The new place for bus stations of routes#61, 65, 161, Tel Aviv.

Transferring the bus station from the street Ha-Shomron 1, Tel Aviv - 70, 89 , 189 , 289.

The bus stations of route#18 on Shderot Jerusalem st. 96 is canceled, Jaffa.

Change the bus station places on the route#40, 240.

Change the bus station place on the route#142.

The new bus route # 1.

Summer events on Usishkin st. and Bialik st. in Ramat Ha-Sharon - # 24.

Add a new bus station on the Derech Namir 53 in Tel Aviv - № 45.

Continues construction works on the Rokah st., Ramat Gan-58.

Work of night bus routes will be temporarily stopped.

The new bus route # 389.

Continuous construction work on the Rahav st., Bat-Yam- 19 , 141.

Canceled an additional route in the Amidar district, Bat Yam 37.

The new additional route through the Hadar Yosef district - Tel - Aviv -№ 40.

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