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Thursday 18/12/2014

    Dan & Tel-Aviv

   TLV City Tour   


For the convenience of our passengers starting from 01.09.2008 there will be changes in the routes heading to and from Kiryat Atidim, and new express routes will be added as well. 


Bus #141

New route from Bat Yam to Kiryat Atidim and back.


Working days: Sunday through Thursday

From Bat Yam: 08:00, 08:30

From Kiryat Atidim: 16:10, 17:10, 18:10. 


Bus #57

From Givataim via Ramat Gan to Kiryat Atidim and back.

Additional rides schedule:

From Givataim to Kiryat Atidim (AM): 05:25-10:00

From Givataim to Kiryat Atidim (PM): 13:40-18:24

From Kiryat Atidim to Givataim (PM): 14:30-19:30


Bus #12 (formerly known as bus #2)

Route extension, new rides addition and changes in the road signs.


From Masof (terminal) Reading to Kiryat Atidim: 07:05, 07:35, 08:40, 09:35From Tachanat Rakevet (train station) Ha-Universita \ Merkaz Ha-Yeridim (centre of fairs) to Kiryat Atidim: 09:15

From Kiryat Atidim to Tachanat Rakevet (train station) Ha-Universita and to Masof (terminal) Reading: 16:15, 16:45, 17:15, 17:45, 18:15, 19:15.


Bus #40

Express to Kiryat Atidim

Bus #40 express rides from Bat Yam schedule:

Working days: Sunday through Thursday.

Departure hours: 05:43, 06:10, 06:31, 06:43, 07:06, 07:24, 07:47


Attention! Bus #12 doesnt work on Firdays, Saturdays, Festivals and Chol Ha-Moeds.


Additional information: Bus # 141, Bus # 57, Bus # 12, Bus # 40.

Dan services

The “Rice with torches” on Rambam square in Ramat Gan.

Closing traffic through public transport lane in Petah – Tikva.

Add a new bus station on the Derech Namir 53 in Tel Aviv - № 45.

The new bus route # 389.

Canceled an additional route in the Amidar district, Bat Yam 37.

The new additional route through the Hadar Yosef district - Tel - Aviv -№ 40.

Free passes ( hofshi hodshi )

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