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Dan Public Transportation
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We can not ignore from about 1200 buses every day in the Dan region of the country , and transported over 700 thousand passengers every day. "Dan" means publication presents unique and focused on buses and inside .

Advertising media are :

- Billboards - on the side of the bus : its back , side or bus !
- Endorsements on Russian maps in Hebrew and English .
- Publication family employees and pensioners " Dan " .
- And of course a unique advertising on this site !

Publish on this site:

Publishes a business owner, a place for recreation, an institution or any other place: no longer have to pay a lot for many exposures (maybe) but not effective - you need only your audience, exactly. If you do not want to "waste" money to her audience that included not in the vicinity of your business, but you also want to reach those who intend to travel in the direction of your business, in practice, in the near future, we have a unique offer for you: Advertise yourself on this site's information lines passing near your place ! How to reach hundreds of thousands of people targeted, not only audience sitting at the computer, but Misaomd pass right beside you, do not want to miss it! You should hear more details and attractive offers.

For information on other options and if - went directly to the Marketing Department:

Phone: 03-6933352
Fax:   03-6933209

Or emailed directly to Marketing Director of Dan.