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“Dan” started at 1945 (3 years before the establishment of the state of Israel), but already at 1909 Began operating as a body that provides transportation services to the Jewish community. "Dan", a pioneer of operating public transportation in Israel is one of the few economic entities born in the early years of Zionism in Israel.

Nowadays “Dan” moves more than 17 million passengers and completes- 5 million kilometers per month. These services are provided in the total of 22 local municipalities and for a population of about - 2.5 million people. The “Dan” major activity focuses on Gush Dan, which is the main Business cycle and activity center in the country (about 60% of the GNP is produced in Gush Dan). During the years "Dan" labored on the development of the urban transportation system in Gush Dan, adapting it to urban, geo-political and technological developments at Israel in general, and Gush Dan region in particular. Because of that “Dan” gained experience and highproficiency at operating public transport in a dense urban environment.


“Dan” was a cooperative for a few decades, {company owned by its own workers.}.With the intention to adapt the Organization to changing trends in the field of public transport, and on the basis of the will to become more efficient and to be among the first rank of companies in the services provided to the public, It was decided at a meeting of Dan's members (shareholders) to perform a thorough structural change and thorough while making organization company LTD. This change is valid since May 2002, after receiving the authorities' approval, and the company is called "Dan" public transport Company Ltd.

At the “Dan forest” in the “Ben shemen” forest near shilat there is a memorial to members of "Dan" who fell in Israel's wars.

"Dan" operates public transport services in Gush Dan metropolitan spaces. “Dan” buses transport monthly Over 14 million passengers (about 640 thousand per day). "Dan" gives substantial discounts to passengers using a variety of cards: more than 120 thousand passengers monthly purchase a monthly subscription cards ("monthly pass") and receive a discount of more than 40%. Approximately 10,000 passengers buy tickets every day "Daily pass", which allows unlimited travel in different cities in the metropolitan area starting at 9:00 in the morning. "Dan "works closely with" Israel Railways" and provides the traveling public a wide range of combined tickets for Dan buses and trains , at discount prices are based on Daily and monthly. The youth have a discount of 50% using a standard card and senior citizens receive a discount at the same rate on a whole range of tickets. Students enjoy a significant discount of up to 50% of the purchasing card "students" annually. Most of the amounts of subsidy transferred today to the company are used to cover the fares discounts

August 2013 began “Dan”, through a subsidiary Dan North to activate the metronit system in Haifa metropolitan area. The system has the most strict standard today Euro 6.

At august 2013 the company started to use electric buses (orange colored) to service in Tel-Aviv at line 5 & 61.

August 2014 the company began to run high capacity buses, which are identical to the matron, as part of the "pitch line" Red Line of the Tel Aviv light rail line numbered 1. The line runs its course of lines: 42 (from the south of Bat Yam to Jaffa Road Azrieli Mall) and 51 (Jabotinsky axis through to its final destination in Petah Tikva central bus station). Payment is done by validation machines inside the vehicle. At the same time, buses were set up machinery for loading “Rav-Kav” cards, including credit cards can be paid. Also have the option to pay cash, but without the excess.

In May 2015 the company won the tender to operate public transport in the northern Negev and is planning to employ the first 100 workers until early March 2016. Also, an extension of the motorists school will be built in Ashkelon and later train bus drivers, expected up to 400 drivers.

Deployment and data 2015

Dan is focused on the customer with continuous improvement of the service level with an emphasis on safety and proficiency of drivers (by activating a driving school) and protecting the environment. Here are some deployment data, figures and general information about the deals in 2015:


  • central garage
  • Regional 2 garages.
  • An advanced logistics center.
  • A bus driving school.
  • A branch of "Dan" in the north, operating the metronit.
  • . A branch of "Dan" in the south, at the northern Negev.

   “Dan" Customer Service and Information Centre serving tens of thousands of calls On the phone 03-6394444.

General information for 2015

  • 1,296 buses

    The oldest line - Tel Aviv line 5, from the thirties.

    Line 189 upgraded.

    New lines 8, 15, 20, 21 from the train stations to Tel-Aviv center.

    Electric buses in lines 5, 61 in Tel-Aviv.

    New buses adapted to the most stringent standard Euro 6

    Operating buses with a greater capacity

    Line 1 which: shortens the passengers boarding, allows access to people with disabilities and includes advanced public address system.

    Variety of tickets and products: " Monthly pass ". "Daily pass" .   Youth/ senior citizen ticket.  Bus-train combined ticket.   Normal ticket.   Entitled tickets.

    Tourist bus (in Tel-Aviv).

    Variety of customers: students new Olim Haredi Teenagers and young adults seniors women Tourists and foreign workers

All for your service!