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Fines for non payment in the bus


Below is information on the cost of the fines given by the Ministry of Transport's conductors to passengers who did not pay the fare when boarding the bus through back or the front door or did not validate the ticket after the new reform.

Fines for non payment in the bus
Type of event Regular ticket

Discounted ticket
Price CodeRegular ticket priceIncreased tariffSenior citizen, studentIncreased tariff
Passenger who did not paid the bus fare/ didn't validate the card 41,42,43 5.90 NIS 100 NIS 3.00 NIS 80 NIS
44 9.30 NIS 100 NIS 4.70 NIS 85 NIS
6 12.50 NIS 120 NIS 6.30 NIS 90 NIS
Card which does not fit the passenger profile 41,42,43 5.90 NIS 95 NIS
44 9.30 NIS 95 NIS
6 12.50 NIS 110 NIS
Passenger who pays less than he should. 41,42,43 5.90 NIS 90 NIS
44 9.30 NIS 90 NIS
6 12.50 NIS 110 NIS


Report of a penalty provision is attached as attache "A"