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The Night Lines

What are the Night Lines?

This initiative is part of the struggle to reduce road accidents. This imitative has been from the transport-ministry since 1st July 09.It deals with the Night Lines which run in the Dan Region. This program is a joint effort involving The Transport Ministry, the Dan Transport company and the Green Light ("Or Yarok") foundation and the Tel Aviv Municipality. This service will begin each day at midnight and run till 4:00 am each day that it runs. The running days are all student holidays including the summer. I never runs on Fridays. During the school year, Night Lines run only on Thursdays and Saturdays. The Line-Frquency is estimated at one every 20 0r 30 minutes. The fair is a standard amount and can be paid by various types of multiple fare (Rav Kav) ticket. The aim of this service is to provide cheap and available public transport as a viable alternative to young people driving themselves home. The idea is to prevent situations of after-entertainment travel by the young people themselves, often in situations of exhausted or  drunk driving,

Dan’s Night Lines 

Schedule line# 466       Schedule line# 418       Schedule line# 416       Schedule line#463

To map line# 466     To map line# 418     To map line#416     To map line#463  

To track line# 466    To track line# 418    To track line# 416    To track line# 463                              

More information can be found on the Night Lines website of the Ministry of Transport.