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Dan Public Transportation
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Fares reform in “Dan”

From Friday the 1/1/2016 Dan will be implementing a new tariff structure as part of the new reform, the reform mainly deals with the cancellation of fares that had been offered until today in favor of the new reform which makes division of three major price levels with the possibility of switching between each zone using a "smart card" ("Rav-Kav" Card). If until now traveling by bus, Israel railways and the light railway train required a separate fee for each trip, depending on the destination of the journey, starting from 1 January you can charge Rav-Kav subscription ride, including free movement in all transport in the metropolis you chose.

The new tariff structure will be operated in four major metropolitan areas (Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva) whose borders have been significantly expanded compared to the current map to serve more passengers.

Each metropolitan determined three "rings" in accordance with the geographical distance. Each passenger can choose the most appropriate subscription, depending on his travel habits.

The subscriptions are valid from the start of operations of public transport till its end. The subscription price is determined according to the number of regions included in the trip. Each subscription allows unrestricted passage of all means of public transport in those areas (bus matron, Israel Railways and light rail).

What types of subscriptions are there?

There are three types of subscriptions: daily, weekly (7) and monthly (30).

Subscription price varies depending on the number of days of use and number of travel zones it covers.

Free monthly  free ride subscription valid per calendar month (from the first of the month to the end of the month) and can be purchased starting from 25th of the preceding month.

Free weekly  ride free subscription valid for one week from the date of purchase.

Daily free: free subscription valid for travel only at the acquisition date, from the beginning to the end of the service in the subscription service area.

In the first stage of the reform the daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions rates in the four metropolitan areas will be updated, and in the coming months will also be updated for individual fares.

  Brochure on the map of Gush Dan and the new tariff system

מפת מטרופולין גוש דן

                     Map of the Dan metropolitan region