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Price reduction for the 2016 reform

At the 11/01/2015 the control order of prices was updated,now including a reduction in a number of periodic contracts fares as described below:



  1.  Monthly  subscription( travel card)
  • For a Monthly Subscription "Gush Dan" type, the updated tariff is  213 NIS instead of  250 NIS.
  • For a Monthly Subscription "Gush Dan extended" type , modified tariff is  243 NIS instead of  285 NIS .


  1. Daily Subscription(travel card)
  • For an Daily Subscription "Gush Dan" type, the price has changed from 16 NISto 13.5 NIS.

Further to the Transport Ministry decision for, travel rates in "Gush Dan" and "Gush Dan Extended" 

montly payments are contained in section 1. 


Passengers who have purchased this account for January, will receive a refund in one of the 

passenger  service offices.

Starting from 15th of January, passenger refunds  will be as follows: 


  • the passenger must apply to a to get to one of the passenger service offices. 

* Here the travel service contract is validated. Provided this is a monthly travel payment, 

there will be a cash refund of the difference in price.


 The above applies until the 29th of February 2016.