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Dan electrical revolution is on its way

Dan electrical revolution is on its way

 Dan, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, launched the electric bus project. The ceremony was held in the Reading garage in town on Thursday (15/09/2016). The ceremony was attended by Israel Transport Minister Katz, CEO of the Environment Ministry Danziger, Deputy Mayor Meital Lehavi, CEO of Dan Shmuel Rafaeli, CEO Ofer Zlbigr and chairman of Weiss group, Joel Weiss.

In the first phase of the project, the new buses will operate in the route of line number 4 (from Reading passenger terminal through Allenby and Ben Yehuda streets to the central bus station in Tel Aviv) to reduce the air pollution on Allenby Street, where thousands of buses travel every day. However, this is only the first step of a long-term investment program of the Transport Ministry and Dan replacing the current bus fleet in Gush Dan with electrical buses. The new electric bus model now imported, named “Chariot E-Bus” is equipped with technology considered by experts as one of the most advanced in the world. The technology is based on charging using supercapacitors.


Following a successful pilot: starting on Thursday (22/09/2016), The Ministry of Transport and Dan started to operate electric buses in public Transportation, charged by cables at the departure stations enabling cheaper and greener traveling. The first phase will run five electric buses, and soon more electric buses will be added into more lines in Tel Aviv metropolitan.


The electric buses, (which received an approval to operate the line after a year pilot), are based on a unique technology but rather simple one of charging the bus with cable within 2-3 minutes, allowing travel up to 30 km, sufficient for the longest urban line (the average urban line length is 10 kilometers).


The new buses hold 50 seats, similar to the diesel-powered buses. The advantage of the electric bus is in the recharging upon his return to the departure station. The proposed technology allows the bus to travel hundreds of kilometers 24 hours a day. Making the cost of the bus charged by cable much lower than normal bus based on fuel and batteries. The new bus is cheaper also because of the simple infrastructure required to run the line. Another advantage is the low bus weight allowing transportation of many passengers. And last in terms of safety, the new bus is also safer than the ordinary bus.

The video is  describing the the bus works: