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Dan Public Transportation
About Dan
Information for passengers

Tickets and fares

"Dan" tickets are divided into journey sections. the segment is defined according to the code.
The travel fare varies depending on the driving range Prices and travel rates at public transport are determined by Transport Ministry.
A special device to issue a normal ticket is on the buses,(smart card) but it's the same ticket.

Starting from Friday, 01/01/2016 Dan will be implementing the new tariff as part of the reform structure, mainly dealing with cancellation of fares that had been offered nowadays in favor of the distribution of three major price levels with the possibility of switching between each zone using a "smart card" ("Rav-Kav" Card).

Click on the link for details about the tariffs changes.

Click here to watch history of tariffs.

The following types of cards are used:

A normal ticket for single trip

A normal ticket is purchased from the driver and is valid for a single trip only.
The ticket's price is determined according to the length of the route Prices and discounts are determined by Transport Ministry.

To the single trip ticket rates.

Anonymous Rav-Kav

The card costs 5 NIS and does not include a picture or any information about the passenger.

The anonymous card has no insurance in case of loss, theft or fracture. The contents of the card can't be restored.
To further information about the anonymous Rav-Kav.

Travel vouchers for reserve soldiers

The IDF dispenser travel vouchers for reserve soldiers traveling with Dan.

The vouchers are computerized and white and they are valid for all of Dan lines.

Rav-Kav travel card (canseld from 13.12.2015 )

A personal Rav-Kav travel card is loaded with a contract for a certain amount of trips.

The amount of travels depends on the trip code and the personal discount.

Attention: owners of contracts such as the type travel tickets card – those contracts will be valid only until July 2016.

 Month pass travel card

Subscription to the free fare travels is valid during calendar month. It is valid from the first day of the month until the end of it. Can be purchased starting from 25th on a month. Prices and discounts for Rav-Kav Monthly pass travel card are determined by Transport Ministry.
To the Month pass Rav-Kav rates.

Weekly pass travel card

Subscription to the free fare travels is valid during a one week from the date of purchase.

To the Weekly pass Rav-Kav rates.

Daily pass travel card

Subscription to the free fare travels is valid only on the day when it was purchased.

Since the start of buses work until the end of their working on a zone is subscription included it.

To the Daily pass Rav-Kav rates.

Aggregated value travel card

A personal or anonymous Rav-Kav card which is loaded with a certain amount of money, which is determined by the customer. When boarding the bus, one ride is reduced from the total amount loaded in the card. The discount is in accordance with the customer's eligibility. The discount is given by an additional amount of money loaded on the card when paying.

Prices and discounts for Rav-Kav Aggregated value pass travel card are determined by Transport Ministry.

You can get the anonymous Rav-Kav card (without information or insurance) from any driver for 5 NIS. It can't be loaded with a youth contract, senior citizen or any sort of a month pass.

To the Aggregated value pass Rav-Kav rates.

Please note: According to the decision of the Ministry of Transport, From Sunday 13/12/2015 It would be impossible to charge the Rav- Kav card with anything but Aggregated values of 30 NIS., 50 NIS. or 100 NIS.