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General information

What is a "Rav-Kav" card?

"Rav-Kav" is a smart reusable plastic card which gives you discounts for public transport in all the transport companies (buses, trains, etc…). The "Rav-Kav" card is personal and gives you discounts according to your own entitles. Even if you aren't entitled to any discounts you get automatically 20% discount for ordinary rides when using the card (anonimous card doesn't give any discounts and isn't insured.). The "Rav-Kav" is personal with your own name and picture, the card isn't transferable.

Loss of a Rav-Kav card

From the 19.07.15, the process of Restoring a lost Rav-Kav card changed.

The Ministry of Transport's Clearing House is solely responsible  for restoring the Rav-Kav.

Therefore ,when a Rav-Kav is lost, the customer needs to go directly to one of the service stations of any of the public transport operators with an ID.

There is a fee of 10.00 NIS for issuing a new card in case of lost of a card.


Below is the information required to restore a Rav-Kav:

  1. In the case of a loss/Fault in the card, the service will be given subject to the display of an ID- (identity card, driving license or passport).
  2. It is recommended to arrive 72 hours after the loss, because the information arrives at the clearing house in 72 hours.
  3. A customer who loaded a Monthly pass (more than 72 hours ago) can apply immediately.
  4. A customer who will come to the position immediately will be given a ticket with the appropriate profile, without contracts. The contracts can be added to the card after 72 hours.
    *You don't have to get to meet her the position where the new card has been restored, you can get to one of transport operators and get the contracts that existed on the card.
  5. Children- a child who lost a Rav-Kav card must be accompanied by an adult with an ID card which includes the child .It is forbidden and not possible to picture a photograph.
  6. We advise you to keep the Rav-Kav number.
  7. If the old card is found, you can't use it again!
  8. After a day of using the new one, the old card will be blocked and the contracts won't be valid.