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Constant changing the bus route #66, in the direction from Carmelite


Announcement to those travelling by routes #66:

Constant changing the bus route #66, in the direction from Carmelite.

Since The  Monday 19.07.2021 will be constant changing in the bus routes #66 in the  direction from Carmelite. Therefore, the following changes in the routes will take place:


In the direction from Carmelite:

Proceeds by its regular route until the junction of streets:  Ha-Yakon, and Bugrashov, then will continue by the  streets: Bugrashov Tcherniahovsky, Dizengoff, Raines (Dizengoff square), Adam Ha-Cohen, Arba Arazot, Jabotinsky, then returns to its regular route.

Canceled bus stations:

Ha-Yarkon 112 / Frishman (20655)

Ha-Yarkon 154 / Am Israel Hai (20654)

Ha-Yarkon 194 / Arlozorov (21104)

Jabotinsky 28 / Dizengoff (25831)

Jabotinsky 10 / Ben Yehuda (20651)

Ha-Yarkon \ Bugrashov (20661)

New bus stations:

Bugrashov 40 \ Tiberia (25552)

Tcherniahovsky - Dizengoff Center (25564)

Dizengoff / Rainis Square 10 (25575)

Rainis 45 / Gordon (25805)

The Grez School / Adam Ha-Cohen 20 (20669)

In a direction to Carmelite – no changes.

the Kind way!

It is possible that some additional changes will be necessary, which we will not be able to announce in advance. <